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Opera Mini 7.0

File Size: 294KB
Description:     Impress your friends and wow yourself with Opera Mini 4 beta as you quickly navigate the entire Internet on the world is only super fast and free mobile phone browser. Access any site at any time, anywhere, and on almost any phone.

New features:

Added encryption
Added multi search, with shortcut 9
Added create search from form field
Added landscape mode, shortcut
Added support for small anti-aliased bitmap fonts
Added content folding
Simplified setup process
Improved image quality
Improved fit to width mode rendering
Simplified settings page
Added native BlackBerry menu
Allow BlackBerry to accept the EULA via the menu.
Fixed decoding of images that were skipped when partially above the window
Added clock adjustment setting
Changing the font size via settings now clears the document cache
Now saves full screen mode between sessions
Dialogs are now displayed with round corners and alpha channel overlay windows
Delayed randomess gathering for secure connections until first real page request
Download:   Opera Mini 7.0


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