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Group Releases

Top  Tools
BlueBug 2.0
Internet Protocol Event Reporting
Atsiv v1.01
Contact ID Protocol for ASC
Hacking World of Warcraft (WoW) - slides
Homemade GPS Jammer
JanusVM - Internet Privacy Appliance
Creating a Bootable USB Ophcrack
Top 10 WordPress Anti Spam Plugins
Zune DRM Stripper
Modifications for Stopping phpBB Forum Spambots
New York City Hackers - video
Cracking Vista Beta 2 Local Passwords
China Finder 2.4
Hacked Chip and PIN Terminal Video
Days of Risk in 2006 : Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows
Video: Exploring Metasploit 3 and the New and Improved Web Interface - Part 1
Tutorial : Rainbow Tables and RainbowCrack
New Security Features in Internet Explorer 7 - Video
Securing Communications with SSL/TLS : A High-Level Overview
The Lazy Guide to Installing Knoppix on a USB Key
Entering A Safe Mirror When Logging In With Unionfs And Chroot
Compromise from a Word Zero Day Vulnerability - Video
Metasploit Framework v3.0 Beta 1
How to Hack into a Windows XP Computer Without Changing Password
Setting up a Simple Web Proxy with CGIProxy - Video
Driver Sweeper 3.2.0
A Video Tutorial on Cracking MD5 Password Hashes
Video - Using Dariks Boot and Nuke (DBAN) to Totally Wipe a Drive
How To Become Invisible To A GPS Tracker
The Exploit Development Process - Video
Targeted Password Cracking - Proof of Concept
Video: Exploring Metasploit 3 and the New and Improved Web Interface - Part 2
UPnP Port Forwarding and Security - Video
iPhoneInterface Tool - Hack an iPhone
Selective File Shredding with Eraser and CCleaner to Thwart Forensics Tools - Video
10 things you should know about Internet Explorer 7 Security
23nd Chaos Communication Congress Videos
Is Your Cell Phone Bugged? - Video
Hardware Keylogging - Part 2
Active Administrator
Hacking the Cisco NAC - NACATTACK - Video
Turning Firefox Into an Auditing Platform
21 Security/Hacking Videos
Data Carving - Retrieving Deleted Files from Formatted Drives - Video
Virtually Secure?
Religion & Occult for Hacking
Internet Security Highly Predictive Blacklist - HPB
Pros and Cons of OpenID
50+ Tools for Torrenting
Random JS Toolkit
Tips for Getting a CISSP Certificate
F-Secures Data Security Summary - January to June 2007 - Video
Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 Administration Tools Pack

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Soft Name
Driver Sweeper 3.2.0
An application that allows you to remove lefover files from your HDD
Soft Directory:Group Releases 

THC is proud to be the first who are releasing an comprehensive attack toolkit for the IPv6 proto...
Soft Directory:Group Releases 

Atelier Web Firewall Tester 5.0
AWFT offers 10 tests and enables you to give a score (max 10) to your firewall (score depending o...
Soft Directory:Group Releases 

Religion & Occult for Hacking
The first in series, this article outlines how we can use religion or occult and its belief for p...
Soft Directory:Group Releases 

Cracking Vista Beta 2 Local Passwords
While I was playing around with Windows Vista Beta 2 I decided to see if some of the old tools fo...
Soft Directory:Group Releases
This is a customized THC version of RFIDIOt that allows you to read a chips content and write it ...
Soft Directory:Group Releases 

Contact ID Protocol for ASC
SIA DC-05-1999.09 (Protocol used for alarm-devices to communicate with alarm-centrals)
Soft Directory:Group Releases 

about Web 2.0 Security
Less than 10 things you should know about Web 2.0 Security
Soft Directory:Group Releases 

Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2 Administration Tools Pack
Allows administrators to install the Windows Server 2003 management tools onto a computer running...
Soft Directory:Group Releases 

Random JS Toolkit
Finjan Uncovers Insidious New Variant of Crimeware Toolkit Infecting More Than 10,000 US Websites...
Soft Directory:Group Releases 

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