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iServices Trojan Removal Tool 1.1

File Size: 520KB
Description:     The iWorkServices Trojan Trojan Horse, also known as OSX.Trojan.iServices.A, has been found on numerous p2p networks disguising itself as a copy of iWork 09. Once the trojan is installed, it will attempt to connect to a remote server and provide the server with the infected computer is network location. It then listens for further instructions from the remote server, which may include instructions to download additional components.

Upon launching iWorkServices Trojan Removal Tool, click the Scan button to scan for the iWorkServices trojan horse. iWorkServices Trojan Removal Tool will scan your computer for the iWorkServices trojan horse, and alert you if it is detected. If the iWorkServices trojan horse is detected, iWorkServices Trojan Removal Tool will prompt you to authenticated, and then give you the option to remove the trojan.
Download:   iServices Trojan Removal Tool 1.1


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