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DNS Redirector 6.4.8
Discoverer 0.05-pre-alpha

DNS Redirector 6.4.8

File Size: 1784KB
Description:     DNS Redirector is designed for wireless hotspots, hotels, cafes, schools and libraries, but applicable on any network, even at home with one or multiple PCs. Use it to show users a welcome, advertisement, or terms and conditions page the first time they try to browse the Internet on your network. Choose to redirect any domain name matching your keywords list to a blocked or access denied page. Perfect for filtering out advertisements, online games, spyware, or pornography. Prevent network users from downloading and signing onto instant messaging and file sharing clients. Protect valuable bandwidth by blocking large MP3 downloads or questionable material. Optionally log all program actions and sites found to be blocked.
Download:   DNS Redirector 6.4.8


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