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CyberScrub 3.5
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AntiPharming 1.00
Script Sentry 2.7.1
Core FORCE 0.70.105
Core FORCE R0.95

CyberScrub 3.5

File Size: 3210KB
Description:     CyberScrub is a high level military grade security application designed to completely eliminate sensitive information from your computer and protect your Internet privacy.

The program removes all traces of your Internet activity (cookies, cache, history, email, Media Player/Real Player, etc.) and flushes the "locked" Windows files (swap, page, .dat, etc.) that contain personal data. It eliminates all traces of previously deleted files and provides secure deletion upon demand. Utilizing methods that exceed standards of the US Dept. of Defense (DOD 5220.22), CyberScrub defeats the most advanced software and hardware recovery tools.
Download:   CyberScrub 3.5


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